Happy Clown Kindergarten long day care centre in Hurlstone Park is a member of the Association of of Child Care Centres of NSW. As such we endeavour to always act in a proper manner in our relationships with children, parents, employees, fellow members and the public by making the following commitments.

  • To provide a caring, well-equipped environment where a child may develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually
  • To provide proper security for children’s confidential information, records, documents and programs
  • To express the Terms of Our Agreements to our parents clearly and precisely, and to fulfil these agreements in good faith by rendering services of at least the quality offered.
  • To promote an ‘Open Door Policy’, thus ensuring security in the Centre for the children and staff.
  • To provide good and safe working conditions, scope for job satisfaction and equal opportunities for promotion.
  • To work continuously to improve employees’ skills and technical competence
  • To impress upon employees the confidential nature of information accessed
  • To acquaint employees with this Code of Ethics
  • To encourage professional behaviour and a high standard of service to children and parents.
  • To correctly pay the appropriate Award wage to all employees
  • To respect other Members’ rights to compete in the market place
  • To not engage in activities that are unprofessional or damaging to the child care industry
  • To pledge our centre to be a good corporate citizen, fulfilling its responsibilities to the communities which it serves, as well as the broader community of our society.

If you have any questions about this Code of Ethics please call Happy Clown Kindergarten long day care centre on 9558 2683.