It is best if children can arrive at long day care before 9.30am.

When children arrive early in the day they get the full benefit of the activities planned for the day by Happy Clown Kindy staff.

Upon arrival at Happy Clown Kindy, it is important that the arrival time is recorded and signed in the in/out book. Please advise teachers of your arrival at the centre and say goodbye to your child, letting them know you’ll pick them up later.

Children can initially become upset at being left in long day care but exciting activities and lots of cuddles from staff soon calm them.


It is important to record the time and sign the in/out book again at departure.

Only authorised adults are allowed to drop off and collect children. Children in the care of Happy Clown Kindy are not allowed to leave with siblings under the age of 18.

The Happy Clown Kindy long day care centre under no circumstances allows children to leave with an unidentified person. If for any reason the authorised person on record with the centre is unable to pick children up written authorisation of another nominated person is required.

In the event of another person needing to collect children please call Happy Clown Kindy on 9558 2683 to let them know and provide written authorisation nominating the collecting person. Otherwise the guidelines of our long day care centre do not permit us to allow your children to leave with anyone else.