What you can expect at Happy Clown Kindy is the Association of Child Care Centres of NSW Open Doors Policy to be endorsed.

O – Our centre is open at all times for parental inspection

P – Please come and see how we assist with your child’s development

E – Entry by you anytime is the greatest protection for you against fear and for us against trouble

N – Never let it be said we have anything to hide

D – Don’t hesitate to visit us

O – Our centre is proud of the quality and the care we provide

O – Our staff are qualified, trained, experienced and talented

R – Rather than take our word for this

S – See for yourself

It is important that you feel free to visit the centre. If at any time you’d like to drop in, or you ever have any questions or concerns please call, or come in and ask. It is your right and our expectation.

Child care is not all about the children, it is all about you – the parents. You need to feel comfortable and confident in our centre, our staff and our facilities. We have our license, our policies and a Code of Ethics to help quell any fears but it often important you can see for yourself.

At Happy Clown long day care centre in Hulrstone park we hope you feel confident enough to drop in when you want

In the meantime if you’d like to contact us you can.