To make long day care easier for you and your child please read through this information.


It is best to dress children in ‘play clothes’ not ‘good clothes’ that may be soiled or difficult to manage. It is preferable to avoid overalls and tight fitting clothing. It is important kids are comfortable for their day in long day care.

Daily Routine

The daily routine may change to suit the weather, children’s needs and/or interests.

A guide daily routine is posted at the Parent’s Information Notice Board in each room.

Rest Time

Supervised rest time is provided as a requirement of the Department of Community Services and Health.

Children are not forced to sleep but must respect other children’s need for sleep. This is especially important for the children who arrive very early each morning.

Rest time is a quiet, relaxed time. Children who don’t wish to sleep have a chance to relax with soft music and story tapes prior to the afternoon’s activities.


Every child loves a birthday (and so do many of the staff!). Parents are welcome to bring a cake, candles, lollies and the like to celebrate their child’s special day with classmates.

Please be sure to inform a teacher a day or two before a birthday.

Incursions and Shows

At times throughout each year, incursions and children’s shows may be organised. Parents are encouraged to participate in these events. Small fees may be charged to cover the costs.

Parent Participation

Parents truly are the most important people in their children’s lives. That is why we encourage parents to participate and get involved in their child’s long day care experience.

Various activities throughout the year provide opportunity for parents to be involved in Happy Clown Kindergarten long day care centre.