The programs in all rooms are child centered, fun and based on the centre’s belief that play is important for children. Educators believe in providing children with the opportunities to make choices, to be challenged and stimulated and to make social contact with other children. Educators aim to meet the developmental and individual needs of each child by following their interests and programming for these.

Experiences provided in the program are diverse and include free play where children can choose what they would like to do, as well as more structured group experiences, including language and music.

Children are organised in age groupings, with consideration taken of their age, developmental needs and the availability of days.

Koalas  (0 – 2 Years Old)

Children in this group are from six weeks to two years and this room maintains higher than required staff to child ratios with three permanent Educators who focus on high quality programs for babies and children. The routines of babies and toddlers are flexible to meet their individual needs and there are opportunities to develop trusting relationships.

Joeys  (2 – 3 Years Old)

Children in this group are aged from two to three years old. Activities are both planned and spontaneous. The children have the opportunity to interact with the younger children at lunch time and in the afternoon during outdoor play. Educators have recently introduced a music, yoga and relaxation program.

Possums (3 – 4 Years Old) & Kookaburras (4 – 6 Years Old)

Pre-School Program

We have two separate class rooms, the possums 3-4 years and the Kookaburras 4-5.

This gives our children a huge advantage by focusing on each childs age and needs separately. We acknowledge that children at 3 are so different to 4 and 5. In the possums we concentrate on their social and emotional well being and encouraging their independence whilst allowing them to create their own sense of belonging and working on each individual childs needs. Then indroducing them to school readiness slowly.

In the possums room we allow the children to follow a Pre-School routine but also encourages them to develop the skills through play and we embrace the imaginative and creative life of a 3 year old.

In the Kookaburras our children prepare for the next stage ‘big School’.

Our preschool program enhances skills such as;

Gaining self-esteem and confidence, problem solving, independent exploration, curiosity, structural activities, hands on learning, literacy and numeracy development and knowledge, mathematical skills , science and exploration, independence , cognitive development, creative expression , physical and developmental wellbeing, social and emotional development, experimentation and curiosity, milestone achievements, forming relationships, confidence.

In consultation with the NSW school curriculum and information given to us by local schools we aim to provide opportunity for our children to learn the essential skills they require to be one step in the right direction before they commence their schooling.

The following skills we enhance upon:

  • children’s ability to recognise and write short words including their own names and familiar words
  • encourage independence and being able to choose their own activities at their own leisure and pack them away as part of their responsibility
  • be confident in front of peers through expressing themselves about their thoughts and needs
  • recognising their belongings and being responsible for them
  • learning basic mathematical skills such as adding and subtracting
  • working confidently and happy as team and independantly