We believe that the early years of a child’s life are their most influential. It is within these years that a child develops the foundation skills and abilities that will carry them through life. Our role is crucial in fostering and facilitating the child’s development in these years.

We believe in providing children with ongoing opportunities to allow them to develop, establish and maintain open two way trusting relationships with educators. We recognise the importance of families being the primary influence in their child’s life, and therefore strive to continually develop and maintain collaborative and open partnerships with all families. When educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to make curriculum and learning experiences relevant to children in their local context.

We believe that it is important to provide all Educators that commence at the service with a comprehensive induction process that allow for open two way trusting communication and relationships to be established and to provide Educators with support and guidance.

WE pride ourselves with our staff; most of our staff are long term employees and are of high qualification and experience in the childcare industry. We also have a few trainees that are working on high levels of training and experience. Most important, each and everyone of us are passionate about children and treat each child individually with respect and heart felt care

We believe the following:

  • Achieve excellence in education and the highest standard in quality care by providing children with the opportunities to achieve all five outcomes set out by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our curriculum will be in keeping with the EYLF goals, and will demonstrate children’s growth and development
  • Promote an environment where play is valued and spontaneous play is the primary mode of learning
  • Establish a warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere where children and their families feel welcome and can belong
  • Provide an open-door policy to encourage family involvement and participation, to promote fruitful relationships with open communication with families each day and through written information newsletters, also providing times for staff to meet with parents formally and informally
  • Encourage children to develop skills in making choices and decisions and to accept responsibility
  • Promote equity for of all children, taking into account their sex and/or gender, cultural background, socio-economic status, religious background, social background and special needs
  • To promote and encourage parent and community involvement in the centre
  • To provide families with up-to-date information about health, hygiene, childcare, centre practices, policy development and decision making
  • To be aware of the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics and adhere to its standards
  • To be aware of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and adhere to their standards
  • To be aware of laws and the National regulations, and adhere to the standards set within them. To reflect on our services practices, policies and procedures to allow us to continually extend our goals, aims and beliefs
  • To interconnect our ‘school readiness program’ together with our Early Years Learning Framework curriculum to provide children with a successful transition to school

We aim to provide for the changing needs of the local community, and to ensure the cultural diversity of our community is recognised, valued, respected, as well as actively encourage community participation within our centre. We aim to create a positive indoor and outdoor environment that is inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities, one that reflects the local community and the families who use the service and one that promotes respect whilst being safe and healthy.

We aim to:

  • Work as partners with the parents and families of the children
  • Provide information, contacts and support for the children, parents and families
  • Provide high quality care and education
  • Provide a program of experiences which will promote the total development and wellbeing of the children
  • Provide a safe, secure, happy and loving environment where children have a sense of belonging
  • Provide an environment that is rich in resources to stimulate learning and development
  • Provide staff that are experienced in nurturing, caring and educating children
  • Recognise, be sensitive and accept individual differences in children
  • Reinforce positive social behaviour
  • Provide a service to parents and the community which reflects their needs.

EXTRA Curricular activities

These are included in our program here at Happy Clown Kindy.

These activities have been chosen by out educators to enhance and enrich children’s learning for their future

Monday – Languages and Culture

Tuesday – Art and Holistic creations

Wednesday – Dance, Music and Yoga

Thursday– Sustainability

Friday – Cooking and Nutrition